OAMA On Demand gives you access to our online Muay Thai curriculum by level, as well as all previously recorded live training videos. Content is continuously updated.

Our tools allow you to train on the go, review new content, & sharpen your skills, from the comfort of your home.

With one basic membership, you will have access to all our online training features, including private lessons.



Muay Thai Curriculum


Our online curriculum is divided into levels, to provide programming based on your experience and skills. Our online membership allows you access to all videos & grading expectations.

Easy to Use


OAMA On Demand


Videos are continuously added online, following our live training sessions, but our On Demand Membership also gives you access to our classes in real time.

Flexible Design


Private Training


Program includes 1 x 15 minute private lesson, every 2 weeks. This allows you to ask questions, receive feedback, and keep on track with your training.

Personalized Instructors


Being a member of the OAMA team gives you access to numerous high level, & experienced Muay Thai & Fitness Coaches. Once you have registered with us, We will team you up with an Instructor that will check in on your progress, set up personal training sessions, and answer questions you may have. We will walk you through every step, to ensure you feel at home, just like our students do in the dojo... like your family.

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